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Super Sidekick is the new generation of the Sidekick film processor, the best universal film processor in the world. Super Sidekick takes advantage of the advances in computer technology and 12 years of experience in designing, building and working with Sidekick film processors to reliably achieve the highest quality results and ease of operation.

Super Sidekick is an easy to use film processor that turns out quality results of color slides, color negatives and black & white film. Super Sidekick is so smart that it can be used by an inexperienced operator. The simple design and very reliable Super Sidekick usually pays for itself within six months.

Super Sidekick is almost as easy to use as a copy machine. It does not require a darkroom, plumbing, or long warm ups. It is always ready to process any type of film. The operator never has to touch any chemicals or switch any tubing or bottles. Super Sidekick can process any type of film with just a push of a button. It can process slides at 100oF and then after a short automatic clean-up, process B&W at 68 and 75oF. There is no need to handle chemicals or empty, refill and reheat water jackets.

Super Sidekick is able to anticipate problems and take corrective action. It will inform the operator which procedure to perform.

Super Sidekick utilizes multiple temperature controls to maintain the highest quality results.

Back and forth rotation for even developing.

The operator can select any of 4 slide, 4 color negative and 3 B&W preprogrammed processes, or customize their own process.

A roll counter is included for better lab control. An energy managing system allows operation with a standard Uninteruptable Power Supply in case of power failure.

Super Sidekick comes complete with everything you need for processing. The operator need only load the reels (in a dark box), and select the process (color slides, negatives or black & white). Super Sidekick does the rest.

For more information, call or write for a Demo Video.

The Model SSK-4V processes up to 4 rolls of 35mm (2 rolls of 120/220 or 4 sheets of 4x5) at a time. Two chemical from any process can be saved for reuse or silver recovery. It is only 20" wide by 13" high by 14" deep. Price is only $6,990.


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Super Sidekick automatic processor accurately tempers solutions WHILE processing the previous solution. It handles each chemical individually. Tempered water is not needed. Long warm ups are not required.

All the solution bottles for processing E-6, C-41 and B/W are constantly connected. The operator just selects the process. The unit draws up the proper chemical from the proper bottle (up to 18 solutions), quickly heats the small volume needed and starts processing. As it processes one solution it prepares the next. At the end of the process, the built-in utility turbo dryer can dry the film (4 rolls of 35mm at a time). As the unit is drying the film, it automatically flushes itself to be ready for the next process.

Super Sidekick comes complete with 4 roll drum , spindle , spacer , 4 patterson reels , 100’ tubing and links to manufactures for bottle supply.


  1. Does not need expensive thermostatically controlled water.
  2. Can do all the film processes without handling or measuring solutions.
  3. Always ready to start any process. Long warm ups not needed.
  4. Draws up solution from regular bottles. Does not require special pressured containers or compressed gas to push the solutions.
  5. Protects the film from operator errors.
  6. Compact size. Won’t use up a lot of your valuable space.


  1. Uses fresh developers every run for quality results. Super Sidekick uses small volumes of inexpensive developers, so critical replenishing is not needed.
  2. Does not require a minimum number of rolls daily to keep the process balanced.

ACCESSORIES: A 4 sheet 4x5 Holder (AF-4x5) at $130.

Listed by ETL Testing Laboratories #514118

GSA Government Contract GS-25F-6112D May 99

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