Here is the off line SIDEKICK TECH MANUAL.  You will find the answers to many of the problems that may arise with your processor.

Perfect to have during those busy days. Just open up the file from your computer, select from the Menu , find the problem and follow the instructions!            


DownLoading and setting up instructions

  1. Download the zip file "" to your computer.

  2. Make a directory where you want to unzip the file or just unzip it to a floppy disk

  3. Double click on the file and unzip it to the directory

  4. Find the file "sktech.html" in the directory

  5. If you have it in you C drive, make a short cut to your desktop by right clicking on it and choosing "create shortcut" or just double click on it if you have it on a floppy disk   Thats It!

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SideKick Tech Manual

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Mechanical Questions

Developing Problems


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