Temperature Sensor Installation

Cut leads from old temperature sensor. Remove sensor from heating chamber. Strip remaining wires. Install new temperature sensor, aligning the face of the sensor with the inner wall of heat tank. Solder temperature sensor wires to stripped wires from old sensor.

Run "Calibrate Temperature". Select "Temp Calibrate" from the menu display and press start. Water will load into the heat tank, heat it and hold the temperature at 37.8 C (100 F). The unit will emit a beep every time it reaches the proper temperature. Allow 15 minutes after the first beep before reading temperatures. Check the temperature with a digital thermometer (an electronic fever thermometer works great!) with the probe near the stir rod but not touching the bottom of the heat tank. A glass or dial thermometer will not work.

The temperature can be adjusted with a small screwdriver through a hole on the left side of the unit. Clockwise to decrease temperature.

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