Rotary Selector Valve (SV) Cleaning

When the "gear" of the rotary selector valve becomes contaminated with dried chemical residue, there is a possibility the circuitry may read its location incorrectly, sending the gear to the wrong port or chemical pickup tube. In the event this should occur, the timing or "locator marks' on the gear must be cleaned. 

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1. Remove the power cord from the unit and pull at least one battery from the holder.

2. Open Sidekick by removing the 4 or 5 screws around the bottom of the processor cover. Make sure the unit is dry. Lift the right side and let it hinge on the left side. Rest the cover on its left side.

3. Cover the printed circuit board with paper towels and a sheet of plastic to protect it from drops of solution.


4. Inspect the Gear. Moisten a paper towel with warm water and wipe off any chemical residue on the gear. Be careful not to get the circuit board wet. With a piece of scoring pad, gently rub along the edges to remove any caked on residue. Wipe down the gear again. You can manually turn the gear to expose any residue, but do not force the Gear when it reaches a stop.

5. Reassemble the unit.

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