Coupling Maintenance on Super Sidekick

Materials Needed: 

1 small container of Clear Ammonia (available at your local grocery store)

Enclosed: cleaning brush

Once a month or as needed, use cleaning brush (enclosed)
 Dip it in clear ammonia (straight solution)

Clean the inside of the coupling thoroughly. The coupling is the gray fitting into which the process drum is inserted.

After cleaning coupling, run the dump tube testing. Connect the dump and flush tubing to your drain or dump bottle. Fill the water bottle with water and connect it to tube #5. Insert the drum into the machine, keeping the top off so you can observe the action. (In the model SSK8R - insert the 8 roll drum). Select by holding plus button as you turn the unit on. When dump tube test is displayed, press start. The cycle is repeated 3 times.

This dump tube testing is to assure a thorough cleaning of the coupling area.

Important Note: Check the unit code on the machine in program mode. The unit code must be 7. Should you encounter any problems, please contact PhotoTherm for assistance.

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