CALIBRATE Temperature

(For all units except the Super SideKick)

CALIBRATE will load water into the heat tank, heat it and hold the temperature at 37.8 oC (100 oF). The unit will emit a beep every time it reaches the proper temperature. Allow 15 minutes after the first beep before reading temperatures. Check the temperature with a digital thermometer (an electronic fever thermometer works great) with the probe near the stir rod but not touching the bottom of the heat tank. A glass or dial thermometer will not work. CALIBRATE also measures the number of pump pulses needed to cover the level sensors. This information is necessary for replenishment with the SSK-8R. If you run out of water during calibration, rerun the calibration.


The temperature can be adjusted with a small screwdriver through a hole on the left side of the unit.  (see fig 1)


Remove the black door on the right side of the unit.         (See fig 2)

 Fig. 3

Insert your digital thermometer through the side opening .


Make sure the tip of the thermometer is 1/2 inch from the spin bar and suspended in the water

(See Fig.4)


Insert a small common head screw driver into the hole. Gently rotate the screwdriver until you feel it insert into the adjusting pot. on the circuit board.

(See Fig.5)


Turn the screw driver counter clockwise to increase the temperature, clockwise to decrease it. Make small adjustments at a time, wait for several minutes and sample the temperature again. Repeat this procedure until you reach 100 degrees f.

(See Fig.6)

Testing the Drum Sensor

DRUM Temperature sensor can be tested by holding MINUS when "CALIBRATE" is displayed and then pushing START. The bottom display line shows 2 Hex numbers. The first Hex number refers to the DRUM temperature sensor. At room temperature (70 oF, 21 oC) the Hex number should be B5,B6,B7,B8,B9 or BA. The important thing is that it should not vary by more than 2 on any successive reading. If it readings are erratic, clean the Stainless Steel contact plates with alcohol and Scotch Brite, and squeeze in the contactors on the body.

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