Materials Needed: Phillips head screwdriver, jewelers screwdriver, electronic fever thermometer.

  Click here for pdf of circuit board

  1. Open the unit.
  1. Remove the power cord from the unit and pull at least one battery from the battery holder.
  2. Remove all the solution tubing from the tubes on the back of the unit.
  3. Unscrew the 4 screws holding the BODY to the base (2 on right side and 2 on left side). Lift up the right side of the BODY so that it hinges on the left side. Rest the BODY on its left side.


  1. Locate the circuit board. Carefully note how each connector is mounted before you pull it from the board.(location of dot in corner) Pull away squarely from the board, be careful not to bend the pins. Do not just yank the ribbon cables. Rotate the 2 clamps holding the PC board and remove it.

Push the new PC board against the stop on the right side of the track and then twist

the clamps. CAREFULLY replace all connectors. Use the wiring diagram (Page

16 of instruction book) as a guide for positioning. Close the unit and run a TEMP


  1. TEMP CALIBRATE. (loads water into the heat tank, heats it and holds the temperature at 37.8 C (100 F) After closing unit, turn unit on. Push PLUS until the display reads "TEMP CALIBRATE". Press start. The unit will emit a beep every time it reaches the proper temperature. Allow 15 minutes after the first beep before reading temperatures. Check the temperature with a digital thermometer (an electronic fever thermometer works great) with the probe near the stir bar but not touching the bottom of the heat tank. A glass or dial thermometer will not work.

The temperature can be adjusted with a small screwdriver (jewelers screwdriver) through a hole on the left side of the unit. Clockwise to decrease temperature.

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