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Model CT-S

Owners Manual



Each PhotoTherm product is produced under rigid quality control standards. This unit is fully warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Call (609) 396-1456 or (800) 747-9699 for help. If necessary send unit to:

PhotoTherm 110 Sewell Avenue Trenton, NJ 08610 Fax (609) 396-9395

Please mail in your warrantee card.

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Temperature set to 37o C. 45 C safety thermostat. Accuracy 0.1oC. Power 725 Watt, Available in 120 Volt or 230 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz. (must be grounded).


110 Sewell Ave. Trenton, New Jersey 08610 USA

Telephone 609 396 1456 or 800 747 9699 Fax 609 396 9395 Email


The PhotoTherm CytoTherm S is a recirculating water temperature bath that agitates the plasma using a sliding action. The bags are pushed against bars to stir the plasma inside the bags and speed up the thawing time.

The CytoTherm S comes with a RACK that will thaw 1 to 4 plasma units (up to 400 ml) at a time. The operator never comes in contact with the water in the bath when handling the plasma. The RACK keeps the entry ports of flat-frozen units out of the water so an overwrap bag is not necessary. Folded frozen plasma units require an overwrap bag to protect the entry ports. Both types of freeze methods can be thawed together.

A timer keeps track of the thawing time. CytoTherm S comes with a draining siphon and an evaporation cover.



Fill the BATH with tap water to the top of the SHELF that supports the RACK. If your water contains a lot of lime, use distilled or de-ionized water, add a pinch of salt to make the water conductive so the level sensors will work.

Connect the power cord to the BATH and then plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet. The CytoTherm S includes an internal circuit that will not allow the heaters to turn on if the outlet is not properly grounded (see SAFETY).

Turn the POWER switch ON. The pump will start recirculating the water and the heater will turn on. A pilot light indicates when the heater is on. The heater will turn off when the temperature reaches 37oC. The set temperature can be adjusted with an inset potentiometer on the left side of the unit.



Turn the POWER switch on. Turn the RACK switch off.

Wait for the water to heat up to 37o C.

Flat-frozen plasma units can be thawed without an  overwrap bag. Hold a bag of flat-frozen plasma (bare or overwrapped) with the tubes up. Slip the CLAMP over the top of the bag and line up the grooves in the CLAMP with the tubes of the plasma bag.

Push the bottom of the plasma bag into the water, between  the stainless rods of the RACK. Pull the stainless spring of

the CLAMP over the screw head in the rack.

Folded frozen plasma must be overwrapped to protect the entry ports. Load it the same way. The CLAMP will hold the plasma unit by the overwrap bag.

Overwrap bags 6" wide by 12" long by 2 mil thick are  available from Rutan Supply, 39 Siding Pl, Mahwah, NJ

  1. 800 872 1474.

The LINK bar connects the RACK to the rack motor. Place

the protruding rod of the LINK into the hole on top of

the RACK. The hole in the LINK fits over the protruding rod on the rack motor cam.

Turn the RACK switch on.

Rotate the TIMER to the estimated thawing time.

When the TIMER rings, turn off the RACK switch. Pull out the plasma unit from the overwrap bag and examine the plasma unit to make sure the entry ports are dry.

If the entry ports are wet, the plasma unit must be discarded, since the water can contaminate the plasma unit.

Turn the RACK switch off, remove the LINK and cover the bath with the evaporation cover when plasma is not being thawed. Turn the POWER switch off if the CytoTherm S will not be used for a while. The BATH requires only 15 minutes to raise the temperature from room temperature to 37o C, ready for thawing plasma.



Unit should be opened by qualified technicians only.


Unit is "dead

Verify that you are plugged into a live, grounded outlet.

Have qualified technician check if a fuse (on the PC board) is open, or connectors came loose.


Pump is working, but the unit is not heating (HEAT ON lamp is off), even though water temperature is lower than 37oC.

The unit is not properly grounded. Have your outlet checked for grounding and proper polarity. See SAFETY.

The unit is not sensing that water is present.

a. Make sure you are using tap water or adding salt to deionized water to make it conductive.

b. The level sensor (screw 3/4" [2 cm.] above the stainless tube temperature sensor) is dirty.

>> Scrape with a coin and wipe with alcohol.


Unit maintains incorrect temperature.

Calibrate against your thermometer, by turning the inset potentiometer on the left side of the unit. Clockwise increases the temperature.


Pump does not circulate, makes humming noise.

With the power off, attach a short piece of tubing to the outlet tubing of the pump and blow into it to clear any obstruction. If this does not work, pump must be replaced.



CLEAN the bath as required. Add algaecide to the water to prevent slime growth.

(Cole Palmer 800 323 4340 part #G-08796-00).

Turn the POWER switch off. Disconnect the power cord from the BATH. Empty the bath by siphoning ( siphon pump provided) out the water or lift the whole bath (25 lbs. -12 Kg.) and carry to a sink, empty and rinse out.

Refill with tap water, or if you use de-ionized water, add a pinch of salt.

ONCE A MONTH add a capful of glycerin to the water to lubricate the pump.



14-PM Pump magnetic 120V $147.- DP-SW Switch power $ 10.-
14-PM2 Pump magnetic 240V 197.- AF-SW Switch rack 5.-
C-SPC Printed circuit board 110.- C-T Safety thermostat 45oC 33.-
C-RKM Rack motor 120V 50.- C-TMS Timer mechanical 42.-
C-RKM2 Rack motor 240V 75.- C-CLM Clamp (bag to rack) 6.-
C-LINK Link bar 25.- C-RAK Rack (holds 4 units) 150.-
C-ECJ Evaporation cover 42.- C-LP Lamp, pilot 5.-
14-77 Heater 45.- DB-S Temperature sensor 66.-

Always specify model and serial number when ordering. Prices subject to change.




ALGAECIDE. Cole Palmer (800 323 4340) Part #G-08796-00

BAGS, Overwrap 6" x 12" x 2 mil. Rutan Supply, 39 Siding Pl, Mahwah, NJ 07430

Tel (800 872 1474)



The CT-S will not heat if the unit is not properly (presence and polarity) grounded.

Check the outlet with an AC Volt Meter. The voltage between the Neutral (wide) and the Ground (round) receptacles must be 0 Volts and the voltage between the High (narrow) and Ground (round) receptacles must be 120 VAC.

The neon optocoupler in the ground checking circuit draws about 190 microamps to ground. This is not leakage current, but will show up on standard leakage tests. The filter capacitors in the Radio Frequency Interference Filter (RFI) draw another 110 microamps for a total of 300 microamps which should be deducted from any leakage test results.

The 8 line connector must be removed from the board when doing a 1000 Volt isolation test. This connector includes a jumper that disconnects the power to light the neon lamp of the ground checking optocoupler.


The unit will not heat if there is not enough water to cover the level sensor, a screw located �" (2 cm.) above the temperature sensor. The water must be conductive. Use tap water or add a few salt crystals if you use de-ionized or distilled water.


A separate bi-metallic safety thermostat will turn off the heaters if the temperature goes above 45 C.


The 2 fuses (1 for high voltage line and 1 for the neutral line) are located on the circuit board. Use a standard 10 Amp AG3 fuse. Correct the cause of the problem before replacing the blown fuse.